it starts...

With admiration for our Mexican culture, my aunt Norma Alvarez and my love for handbags. Mexico for me is love, it’s beauty, it’s life and I’ve always craved something beautiful to wear that embodied these qualities and really brought all that beauty to light. 


Two years ago when I took a usual summer trip to my beautiful hometown of Guadalajara, Jalisco. That I wanted to have a unique and beautiful handbag, but I was not satisfied with what was in the market and then my amazing tia had the brilliant idea of making me a custom handbag just for me.

i knew


She taught me how to find the fabrics for the handbags and the tassels, she explained the procress of hand crafting these bags and I was hooked. Back in AZ my friends couldn't get enough and when I realized that there was an actual want in the market for these bags. I told my aunt and we embarked in this journey.

so then...

It was time to expand. Mexico en la Piel was not just a handbag anymore. It meant being able to grow and empower women in different ways. We created our Palma Earrings.

Made with silky tassels and dyed palm,  we had colorful selection ready to add a story to every look.

a year later..





The Mochilitas were the last of our collection. They are such a key part of what Mexico en la Piel is today and what we stand for. No matter where you go, you will always take a piece of Mexico with you and in your heart. We'd love to be part of that adventure!

Where Should We go Next?

 ......stay tuned

Our bottom line

We want to empower all women all over to embrace their own beauty as well as their heritage. I want people to learn about our beautiful culture and the women that do not do this as a hobby, but as their every day job to support their families. 


I hope that Mexico en la Piel makes a difference to everyone who comes across it and creates room for more admiration and appreciation of our culture.

Con Amor,

Mexico en la Piel